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Version 2.9 is Here!

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Check out the highlights of the newest version of the EPLAN Platform

Version 2.9 of the EPLAN Platform has been released and it offers users a host of new features that will make daily work with EPLAN even easier and more flexible.

Now for the exciting part; new features and updates. With Version 2.9 you can create QR codes in the EPLAN Platform. This allows you to store internal and external hyperlinks in your documentation, giving anyone with a mobile device the ability to scan the QR code and access the document instantly. This feature works with both electronic and printed documentation and saves everyone the time and hassle of painstakingly typing out long URLs repeatedly.   

We’ve also made layer management more convenient than ever before as a dockable dialogue that automatically saves all changes. Searching for objects in the layers of a project and changing the attributes of layers is easier than ever before. You can:

  • Quickly locate and correct layers that have been imported into your project via DWG, DXF or user-defined layers
  • Easy-to-use customization and definitions let you implement your company standards in the same way as you can in navigators or in message management
  • Edit layers and objects in a targeted and convenient manner

In our previous version of EPLAN Platform we were able to transform the list presentation of the Macro Navigators into a table that was editable, but with this update we took things a step further. The transformation function in 2.9 has been expanded to additional navigators including the Device Navigator, the PLC Navigator and the Wire Navigator allowing you to edit reams of project data at the drop of a hat.

One of the greatest time-saving functionalities that comes with Version 2.9 is the drag & drop macros. We know you work hard to finalize a macro project, so why only use that data once? You no longer have to laboriously make selections via the Macro Selection in the Macro Directory. Instead, you can easily reuse a macro from within the navigator; you simply drag & drop your finishes and standardized macros out of the Macro Navigator to add them to other projects.

Whether you have a current service agreement and want to upgrade your platform, or you just want to learn more about 2.9 we can help. Click the button below for more information!

Check Out 2.9!

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