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Rockwell Automation Digital Partner Program

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EPLAN boasts good company in new Rockwell Automation Digital Partner Program

Businesses have to continually evaluate and evolve and the companies that are digitally transforming their operations need a supportive ecosystem of partners. This network must help them simplify processes and efficiently achieve goals like increased productivity.

The newly launched Rockwell Automation Digital Partner Program does just that, it connects companies to industry experts to streamline the implementation and enhance the quality of digital initiatives. CEO and chairman of Rockwell Automation Blake Moret said, “Seamlessly connecting all levels of a business and turning raw data into powerful insights happens when devices are integrated and data is standardized. No one vendor can do this alone. Instead, companies need an ecosystem of proven partners with the right mix of expertise and technologies to expand what’s humanly possible. We’re proud to expand our work with existing strategic alliance partners like Microsoft and PTC, and add new partners like Accenture, ANSYS, and EPLAN in this effort.”

Each Digital Program Partner brings their own expertise, and as a whole this creates an expansive knowledge base well-equipped to deliver an integrated experience. Through the program, businesses have the opportunity to design their digital initiative plans with the guidance of industry advisors while learning how things like Pro Panel, the factory of the future and a connected workforce can improve their efficiency.

During implementation, businesses will have access to integrated hardware, software and turnkey systems from industry leaders. For example:

  • Accenture can work with companies to create a business plan, develop use cases with ROI and maximize the value of those use cases across the enterprise.
  • Microsoft can help companies access high-quality data from intelligent edge to intelligent cloud to drive better decision making company-wide.
  • PTC can help companies connect devices and systems from the edge to the cloud, and use augmented reality (AR) technology to see systems and solve problems in new ways.
  • ANSYS and EPLAN can help solve complex challenges and become part of the digital thread which helps companies be more productive in their design, operation and maintenance activities. [1]

EPLAN’s Managing Director, Jeff Kilburn talks about the exciting partnership “I think this partnership is going to be seen as, and deliver, real value to the market place. With all of these excellent companies working together, while being sponsored and driven by Rockwell Automation, it will help companies realize their digital transformation in this new IoT world of ours.”


EPLAN's unique integrated value chain caters to all aspects of the engineering ecosystem. Our platform can be utilized by every part of the engineering automation world, from end users, OEMs, system integrators and panel builders, there is value throughout. Data seamlessly flows from one department, or partner, to execute the automation solution from conception all the way through operations and maintenance.  

1. Umunnah, Ike. “Rockwell Automation Joins Forces with Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, ANSYS, and EPLAN to Help Businesses Simplify Digital Transformation.” Business Wire, Rockwell Automation, November 19, 2019,


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