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Setting up a remote work environment - the EPLAN way

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Check out these tips to help you and your team stay productive and efficient when working from home. 

Companies all around the world are now asking their employees to work from home. The abrupt switch from normal office environments to working remote can presents many unforeseen challenges to both employees and companies. As a global partner to many, we are committed to making that transition a bit easier for our customers and would like to share some remote work tips our EPLAN teams are using.

Tips to help your team adjust to remote work 

Tip #1 - Create cross functional squads, or teams, of leaders from all departments

This can be anyone; from sales, marketing, IT, HR and customer support, giving you the best cross-section of your company. This diverse group will have perspectives and ideas that would never be imagined by one person or department. This squad can then be consulted as you work to create new objectives and procedures. 

Tip #2 - Keep EVERYONE updated and informed 

All of our inboxes are exploding with unread emails and it is all too easy to miss that one really important email. Now more than ever, we are forced to rely on digital communication, so take advantage of IM, conference calls and video meetings! It's crucial that everyone stay in the loop and know their top priorities moving forward. 

EPLAN Virtual Happy Hour

Tip #3 - Be empathetic

Working remotely is an new experience for many people and it's pretty safe to assume everyone is stressed, so be kind! Navigating a new working environment can be overwhelming, therefore maintaining your "office culture" can help create a sense of  normalcy. Whether you hop on a video conference to see your favorite co-worker or you organize an after-hours virtual happy hour, staying connected to your team is key. 

Tips for setting up your EPLAN environment at home

We understand that you may not be in the office, but work still needs to get done. That is why we created a webinar to help you continue working in your EPLAN platforms, while at home. 

Watching this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Configure your home computer to sync projects from your work computer
  • Access Single-seat and Network licenses remotely
  • Upload projects using VPN connections from a remote PC to your company's server

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