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EPLAN Virtual Services

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Do you need fast support from EPLAN Experts? No problem! We've outlined our remote consultation procedures and the additional resources available through the online services portal

How an Online Meeting with Eplan Consulting Works

Online consultations are basically the same as any onsite consulting appointment. The difference is that all participants are in the same virtual meeting room – no matter where they are currently located. Typically, an online meeting with Eplan Consulting lasts around four hours and is delivered in two parts:

  • 1. Discovery phase
  • 2. Deep dive phase

In the discovery phase, we'll work together to evaluate your requirements, discuss potential avenues forward and, finally, define the right solutions. Using this as a basis, individual working methods can be implemented. If required, this phase can also be documented for later reference.

This is followed by the deep dive phase, during which we'll implement the knowledge gained about your specific requirements. We'll enable you to share your desktop with us so that our consultant will be able to see into your Eplan environment. The consultant takes an active role during this phase and is available to answer your questions and provide useful tips to empower you to dependently work on the topic moving forward. The consultant will also be happy to prepare accompanying documentation as part of the service, which you can browse through at any point after the consultation.

Requirements for Online Consultation

  • A PC or laptop with a stable internet connection
  • A telephone with a hands-free system or headset for every participant
  • A quiet environment without disturbing background noise

Required Eplan Software

  • Depending on the topic of the meeting, the appropriate Eplan software should be installed on your computer. This makes it easier for you to ask specific user questions or to try out any tips from the consultants in real time
    • Additionally, you should have access to Eplan master data on your company network (i.e. the server with Eplan projects, macros, device data, etc.)

Technical Systems Used

Eplan uses the video conferencing tool Webex by Cisco as the standard for its online meetings. No installation is required. You will receive all the information you need to participate in the online meeting, via email, before it starts. The Eplan team is also happy to assist you with the technical setup if necessary.

Eplan Online Services - Extended

As always, we are here to serve our customers and are striving to deliver the same level of service that is consistent with our usual in-office operations. In order to do so, we have expanded our virtual offerings to include; live demos, assessments, virtual training and weekly webinars, just to name a few. To see all of Eplan's online services please visit the online services portal. 

Online Services Portal

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