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EPLAN and Revere Electric Announce Partnership

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The partnership will provide customers with industry-leading software and products to maximize performance across electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering.

EPLAN Software & Services LLC & Revere Electric Supply Co. are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership, combining EPLAN’s industry leading electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering software with Revere’s world class electrical distribution products to deliver cost effective, efficient solutions to increase customer productivity.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of today’s business world, both companies recognize the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure a competitive edge. The EPLAN-Revere partnership brings together decades of acute business strategy, product development and technological advancement and deployment to support successful digital transformations. 

Revere will join together with EPLAN to provide access to software and tools that help Revere teams deliver breakthrough technological capabilities to customers. “Partnering with Revere Electric to deliver digital solutions to clients will allow us to provide the very best software, products and strategies on which customers can build their next generation of transformative automation solutions and services.” said Jeff Kilburn, EPLAN USA Managing Director. By virtually connecting EPLAN’s software solutions expertise with Revere’s extensive product portfolio, the collaboration represents a monumental change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market.

About EPLAN Software & Services LLC

EPLAN provides one of the world’s leading CAE software solutions in the fields of electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering. The company provides globally leading design software solutions for machine and panel builders. EPLAN is the ideal partner to streamline challenging engineering processes. Both standardized as well as customized interfaces to ERP and PLM/PDM systems ensure data consistency along the whole value chain.

Worldwide, EPLAN supports over 55,000 customers. Efficient engineering“ is the focus. EPLAN was founded in 1984 and is part of the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group. The Friedhelm Loh Group operates worldwide with 18 production sites and 80 international subsidiaries. The entire group employs over 12,000 people and generates $2.5 billion in revenue annually.

About Revere Electric Supply Co.

The mission of Revere, is to "Deliver Innovative and Industry Leading Customer Centric Solutions, Products and Services to the Industrial Automation and Electrical Construction Markets." Revere is a fourth generation, family owned electrical distribution company that provides a Total Electrical Solution for customers in Northern Illinois, North Central Illinois and South-East Wisconsin.

A leader in factory automation/contractor solutions and a Rockwell Automation franchised distributor since 1935, Revere’s extensive product offerings and team of application engineers allows for a comprehensive, customizable solution for any application. Revere’s areas of expertise include; Industrial Automation, Modernization (Connected Enterprise and Process), Mechatronics (Motion/Drives/Motors), Safety, Inventory Management, Lighting Design and Layout, and Switchgear & Design.

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