Eliminate Bottlenecks with Smart Wiring

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Eliminate wiring bottlenecks and increasing your time to market

Panel builders have a variety responsibilities which require an immense amount of labor. Panel builders have to go through multiple steps before a panel can be sent for the final stages. One of these stages is wiring.

Wiring control panels includes technical skills which are not always readily available or reliable due to the older workforce retiring. Thankfully, there can be a lot done during this process to make things easier. With the use of accurate software design systems such as EPLAN’s Pro Panel, the design engineer can successfully visualize the route of each unique wire and determine its functionality, in 3D. Pro Panel can optimize the path of wiring to ensure easy installation and ensure proper segregation of the wires.

Smart_Wiring_Teaser_2_01EPLAN Pro Panel can automatically generate drawings that pass all information on to the lead person carrying out the wiring on the shop floor. The drawings show the route, end points, designation, size, and color of every cable – making the wiring faster, as well as greatly reducing the risk of errors.

The Smart Wiring tool with Pro Panel offers a variety of key functionalities which help eliminate the additional time to market for design engineers. Smart Wiring can display wires on a computer monitor on the shop floor. The progress of the wiring can also be recorded in Real Time. It is virtually impossible to miss any wiring, regardless of who resumes the project.

Wiring plays a huge roll in the total cost production of panel building. In order to eliminate the possibility of further delays and decrease the pressure of total time to market, integrating a CAE system which offers efficient assistance, and can help boost profitability. For more information regarding time savings and the smart wiring tool, contact us for more information.

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