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Why You Need Cloud-Based Collaboration

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In the past, having the latest collaboration technology required  complicated network installations, time-consuming training and a substantial capital investment. However, EPLAN's evolution of cloud technologies has made achieving better results through collaboration a reality for any business.

Whether you’re collaborating in real-time through online meetings or through shared work spaces, the instant-access of cloud technologies provides indisputable benefits to your business. By taking your collaboration tool into the cloud, you can experience all of the benefits of cloud computing, including 24/7 global accessibility, file sharing, simplified deployment and maintenance and more.

An overview of EPLAN’s cloud-based systems

EPLAN has been offering cloud-based systems to our customers for a while; with EPLAN ePULSE, EPLAN Data Portal, EPLAN eVIEW and EPLAN eBUILD.

  • EPLAN ePULSE (FREE - Sign Up Here), the company’s newest solution offering, is the foundation for a complete network of cloud-based systems that bring together data and projects, disciplines and engineers around the world. Using an internet browsers, users get access to applications that enhance the existing EPLAN Platform product with new functions along the data-driven value chain. The open design of EPLAN ePULSE includes future plans to ensure availability to a variety of data formats and interfaces to systems from other providers.
  • EPLAN Data Portal offers web-based access to high-quality product catalogs of numerous component manufacturers. All the solutions anchored in the EPLAN Platform have equal access to this web service. The easy click-and-drop transfer of components into the EPLAN documentation reduces the time and effort needed for engineering design and increases the quality of machine and plant documentation.
  • EPLAN eVIEW, engineering projects generated in the EPLAN Platform will be directly accessible in the cloud. This means that project data can be viewed at any time from anywhere and it can also be connected to other in-house cloud solutions. A red-lining function lets employees on the shop floor or in maintenance add their suggestions for changes into the schematics.
  • EPLAN eBUILD, supplies stored macros for entire electrical and fluid power schematics instead of providing data for individual devices or components. This allows users to automatically generate schematics for standard circuits, saving considerable time and drawing work when planning automation systems.

    The cloud as a central location for exchanging relevant engineering data provides fast access to high-quality digital data from any location. Ultimately all team members will be working from the same database. This makes communication and collaboration easy: across projects, across disciplines and across companies. It further allows you to securely and transparently communicate with different departments, suppliers and service providers. 

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