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Access to Quality Parts Data via Cloud! Introducing EPLAN Data Portal

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Got Drag and Drop? The beauty of digital transformation in automated engineering includes the ability to add more features as you go.

Cloud Access to the Products You Need

The EPLAN Data Portal gives you direct, online access to the high-quality product catalogues from numerous component manufacturers. All of the solutions embedded in the EPLAN Platform can access this web service. The simple transfer of the available component data into EPLAN documentation is via drag and drop, which reduces the effort required in design engineering and increases the quality of machine and plant documentation.

The time you save with the EPLAN Data Portal at the beginning of the design phase continues to have an effect all the way through to commissioning: the representation of a device in different system layouts is always based on a single source, meaning that schematics can be read and interpreted much faster.



EPLAN Data Portal Professional?

This service enhances the Data Portal with a wide range of new functions for your daily work.

  • Synchronization of downloaded data sets from Data Portal
  • Enhancement of existing data sets in local EPLAN parts management
  • Pre-filters for a quick parts query - frequently used filter settings can be saved as a pre-filter
  • Tags - Individual parts can be equipped with tags and filtering on tags provides quick search results
  • User Groups - User groups can be created and managed for better group collaboration

Added value at a glance

Ever plan for a set of parts only to have to backtrack when the parts are EOL or not in stock? With the Data Portal you will automatically be keeping your parts database up-to-date.

  • Reduce the effort in enhancing existing data sets
  • Lightning fast component search with pre-filters and tags
  • Collaborative Engineering through group management
  • Standardized components for more efficient engineering

Perfectly produced device data sets support you at every step of your value-added chain. Spanning from sales statistics to technical data and graphical information, EPLAN Data Portal offers you support from A to Z.


Focus on working method

The device data which underlies the EPLAN Data Portal supports different workflows, depending on manufacturer. The different categories of data indicate the content of the device data.


Advantages of standardized device data:

  • Consistent device data for the whole value-added chain
  • No media disruptions thanks to native EPLAN data
  • Support for individual process phases
  • Dialogue with manufacturer via the feedback function if data is missing
  • Increased quality throughout the entire process


Life cycle of parts data in the EPLAN Data Portal

Current and high-quality parts data are the basis for efficient project management with EPLAN. The EPLAN Data Portal helps you to always have access to this data. It is our goal to expand the quality and availability of the data continuously. Together with the manufacturers, we are working on both the data depth of the offered parts data and also on the support of the latest features in your EPLAN software. In this context, our goal is that the parts data offered via the EPLAN Data Portal are always compatible with the current EPLAN version and the latest previous version.

You can check out the Data Portal for free today.


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